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Musical Chairs clip

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New ET Interview: Meghan McCain Says Bristol Palin Not Voting is ‘Irresponsible’

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Jermaine Jones on His ‘American Idol’ Ousting

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Dumb Wi-Fi Network Name Delays Flight for Four Hours

Some asshat at Los Angeles International Airport ruined a plane-full of people’s days on Sunday night. He named a Wi-Fi network "Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork," and a passenger about to take off on a 9am flight to London noticed it. The plane didn’t take off until 1pm as a result. Read more… Lewis Hamilton Andy [...]

7 Surprisingly Girly Things About The Original Ghostbusters

The all-female Ghostbusters are coming to theaters and we can’t wait — but the old team was in touch with their feminine sides. Wolfgang Puck Cristiano Ronaldo Tiger Woods Ronaldinho Lebron James boresha l arginine

Cueboy Quest is an adorable 8-bit style physics game

Yes, that’s right, I said adorable. Because Cueboy Quest really is! You play an 8-bit cowboy whose goal on each level is to get to the door (and thus to the next level), but the door is often locked. To get it to open, you must shoot at one or more targets, and those targets [...]

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: iPads, Disrupt London, And iPads

 You might have heard that Apple released some new iPads last week. A lot of them. Plus, TechCrunch ventured across the pond for Disrupt London, where a number of incredible hardware startups debuted their wares. It was a long, but awesome, week. We discuss all this and more on this week’s episode of the TC [...]

Watch Taylor Swift Perform “Shake It Off” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Taylor Swift reign of Hollywood continues, as Swifty has been on a whirlwhild media tour promoting next week’s release of her new album, 1989. One stop on the press train was Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which she … Paris Hilton Paul McCartney Peter Jackson Phil Mickelson Rachael Ray boresha l arginine

Cloud Girlfriend will use a swarm of females to satisfy men

Cloud Girlfriend, despite what it sounds like, doesn’t really have anything to do with cloud computing. Rather, it uses a cloud of women to pose as your girlfriend on Facebook, or your favorite social network of choice. The service is scheduled to launch ‘soon,’ and there’s no indication of how much it will cost. With [...]

Happy 30th Birthday, Katy Perry!

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